Duration : 02 Days / 01 Night

Destinations Covered : Delhi - Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Delhi

Agra is not a city which you can explore in single day. Still, when time gets short and you need something to cover as much as you can in minimum time, you always want to explore something which worth your day and don't let you feel like missing anything. Same Day Overnight tour to Agra is one such package which will let you explore the best attractions of Agra, and will give you a feeling like you have travelled the entire world. Three of the most popular attractions of Agra, namely Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Agra City are covered in this package which are equal to travelling the whole universe.

Taj Mahal

Indeed the most beautiful monument in the entire world, Taj Mahal doesn't require any introduction. The building made of white marble holds the deep love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal in every single piece of marble. This is the beauty of Taj Mahal which included it amongst the Seven Wonders of the World, and it is the beauty of Taj Mahal which forces millions of tourists from all parts of the globe to be here and witness the pure love of the emperor and his queen.

It took 25,000 people straight 22 years to create this masterpiece. The emperor didn't want it to be recreated, hence, he cut the hands of people participated in creating it. Even after 350 years of construction and despite of dozens of attempts, no one could create the beauty which Taj bestows. The emperor and his queen sleeping peacefully in the monument would be happy to see that millions of lovers visit this monument every year and pledge for their eternal bonding.

Agra Fort

If Mughals could utilize their excellence at anything before Taj was made, they tried it with Agra Fort. A symbol of the excellence of human craftsmanship, Agra Fort is nothing less than a charm. Located very close to Taj Mahal on the banks of River Yamuna, it has captured innumerable memories and belongings of the great empire. Earlier it served as their military camp, later it served as their residence and finally became the reason behind the destruction of Mughal Empire.

Agra Fort is built of Red Sandstone having beautiful carvings of marble. There are many halls and cabins in the fort, each of them serving different purpose. While creating this monument, Emperor Akbar had a clear thought that this monument is going to be their seat of power. Perhaps this is the reason he built it strong enough to save his kingdom. No emperor could even dare to attack the fort, and it remained as a protector of the dynasty. The roots of its destruction were actually lying in their own people, Emperor Aurangzeb, who imprisoned his father Shah Jahan in this fort till he died.

Agra City

If you think Agra is popular only for its monuments, you are certainly missing a great aspect of this city. Agra is also a great place to wander in the streets, shopping for the best handcrafted items and taste the delicious Mughalai cuisines. While in your journey to Agra, don't forget to crawl around its streets which will offer you the real India.

If a single day could offer you this much, it's really the best day of your life. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Agra and return home with a lot of sweet memories.